Having a Proactive approach is the best option!

Traditionally most businesses do not use proactive IT providers but use outsourced support to deal with IT problems which occur and cannot easily be dealt with in-house. This is a reactive response and something which may detriment your company more than you would think.

A proactive approach however is a far superior method of dealing with IT problems as it focuses on prevention and solving problems before they even occur. So what are the benefits of a proactive approach?

Less or no downtime
Proactive IT providers perform regular maintenance and constant monitoring, so most crashes and server failures are prevented before they occur. Compare this to a reactive approach and you could be spending valuable work hours calling an outsourced IT company to solve the issue. This in turn costs your business time and therefore money.

No stress
As proactive IT providers solve many issues before they occur, you may not even know about it, allowing you to focus on business development and your company’s sales. With a reactive approach however, you are forced to focus on the problem.

Improve IT processes
Are you certain that your IT system is secure and safe? With a proactive approach, IT health checks are frequently carried out. This allows your vendor to easily identify vulnerable areas of your business and fix them without you ever knowing about it!

Fixed fee with no extra costs
With most Managed Server Providers offering a fixed monthly fee model with no extra costs, it is easier for your company to plan out an IT budget and dedicate money to other areas of the business.

A final thought
A proactive approach to IT security is clearly a more efficient and reliable way of dealing with IT security. The catastrophic issues that could disable your workforce and cripple your business are simply non-existent, allowing you to focus more time on your company.


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