Cloud: The Sky High Leap In Computing Era

Cloud is everywhere! It is hard to estimate the extent to which Cloud Computing influences the present generation, keeping in mind the advent of Smartphone gadgets in particular. But what exactly is the cloud computing, and how are we influenced by it?

Know The Cloud That Covers Your Business

With the data flow amount increasing multi-fold, especially with every download that happens on mobile phones, electronic gadgets, laptops, computers and the servers worldwide, the call of the hour was to find a way to accommodate the high volume of data transmission without clogging the servers’ communication channels. The answer came in the form of the ‘Cloud’.

Cloud Computing refers to the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

Cloud is an excellent way to process high data volumes without deploying any extra hardware or software. Cloud service providers can provides centralized array of managed servers and desktops at anaffordable cost.

Net Platforms And Cloud Services

Net Platforms is a leading Cloud service provider with its cloud service portfolio spanning from hosted servers & desktops to emails and online backup.

One of the services that several businesses in London, Essex and the Home Counties reply on to safeguard their business critical information is our online backup service.

We have acclaimed expertise in safely and securely backing upand archiving large amounts of business data. The processis fast and fool proof and the systems are up and running at all times. The cloud online backup with Net Platforms promises:

  • Security: Businesses can store & access their information that stays safe and completely un-manipulated, with extreme secured systems protecting the data from external intrusions.
  • Restoration: Any past backups can be utilized easily with the simple restore process in place.
  • Automation: Once the enterprise decides upon its backup demands, the backup process is automated to run on specific schedule, ruling out any possibility of delay.
  • Speed: The progressive backup technology superior to the traditional back-up strategy saves both time and resources.
  • Affordability: As an affordable solution provider, Net Platforms offers competitive pricing structure to suits any business demands.


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