Popular Ways of Storing your Business Data

Don’t be confused by complex terms like big data. Your organisations; storage policy needs to be implemented keeping in mind your storage needs and not what’s the trendiest thing out there. That being said, data disasters can be avoided by using a number of modern methods.

Looking at the right backup options
The major problem with the traditional form of on-site storage is data loss. As a medical company, imagine losing all the patient records in the event of a warehouse fire.  You cannot depend on your website host too – their servers can crash any time. Storing all data on a computer hard disk isn’t the best solution. While SSD’s have considerably helped reduce hard disk malfunction, you may still lose your data if one of your employees spill water onto the computer. Plus, SSD’s can be quite expensive to buy in too.
On-site storage or storing in the company premises does have its share of problems so how do other forms of storage fare? Companies often look at multiple options to store their data safely. An often-used option is to store some data locally and the rest over the cloud, something we know of like the hybrid storage.

Hybrid Storage – Companies have increasingly looked towards cloud to store data. The only way you can possibly lose data over the cloud is through human error and while that is a concern, it’s still cheaper and safer than just storing data on-site.

Cloud storage – Sometimes, organisations opt to go the cloud way. While using only the cloud to store information isn’t the path to choose for most organisations yet, a number of them are looking at storing all information over the cloud. Some are even looking at cloud to cloud backup to ensure there is no data loss over the cloud. The only concern while storing over cloud is about how safe your data is with your cloud provider. For it, you need to check a number of factors including whether your data is being encrypted to the type of encryption.
Using Private cloud – Some organisations are looking to have their own data centers. However, data centers are expensive to keep, and it does not make sense unless you have revenue of millions. Data centers are normally owned by cloud-based companies and store user data and a number of servers.

Using a private cloud is the alternative companies are looking forward to instead of owning data centers.   Private cloud enables users and employees to access data real time, and the resources are stored on a specific server. It increases the security as the information is not shared on the server with other users. The resources are restricted and can be accessed only by employees of the company enabling complete control. Naturally, it is expensive compared to a public cloud, which we are discussing next.
The resources are restricted to those within that company and ensure complete control. Naturally, cost of private cloud services is higher compared to a public cloud services.

Using Public Cloud – As an organisation, if you are looking to store data that is not that important, you are probably looking for a safe and cheap option. Using a public cloud can be more cost effective than saving on site and safer too. You do not have to worry about keeping security staff, and you pay monthly to the cloud provider. On the downside, the server on which your information is stored, can be accessed by a number of users. And while different user accounts ensure that nobody else can pry on your data, it is less safe than a private cloud.

Why is it important to store data?
Small businesses can never recover from the financial effects of a data loss. A research by Carbonite had studied more than 1,005 employees who worked in companies having one to thirty internet enabled computers. Of the ones interviewed, around 48% stated that data was lost and deleted accidentally by them. Organisations today do not need to store just user information, but information on Intellectual Property and different contracts as well, storing and saving information correctly is important.

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