What to Look for in a New Laptop

When people are hunting for a new laptop, you are always left asking yourself what the best computer is. Unfortunately, there is not clear cut answer to this question. However, here are ten things to look at when you are shopping for a new laptop:

  1. Size:Portability is a must because a laptop is meant to be used on the go and to be light and easy to pack and keep with you as you travel.
  2. Screen:You will likely spend a lot of time looking at the computer screen so make sure it is big enough and has a good resolution to keep your eyes feeling good.
  3. Keyboard:Check that the keys are spaced well and that they are big enough to accommodate your fingers so typing is easier.
  4. CPU:There is a range of CPUs to choose from and it is important to choose one that has enough power and speed to do what you need it to do every day.
  5. RAM: It’s best to get a minimum of 4GB of RAM and if you are doing a lot of graphics-heavy tasks with photos and videos you will need more.
  6. Storage:Internal storage is often what is used to hold the hardware and software programs you’ll be operating so make sure you choose a laptop with ample amounts.
  7. Battery:No two computers are exactly alike and no two users area like so the amount of battery power and life you need should be a deciding factor.
  8. Wireless :Most laptops today have wireless connections as part of their standard package so make sure the one you get has a good one set up.
  9. SD-card: If you used phones and other devices for photos and images they usually have MiniSD cards but to load them onto your laptop it needs an SD port.
  10. USB:Today this is essential as USB ports allow you to hook up a mouse, video devices, and accessories so you really need a minimum of 2-3 on the laptop.

Keep these items in mind as you shop for your new laptop and remember, time invested now will save you time and money in the long run.

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